Mark Cousins and Adam Saunders

Latest News

  • Adam and Mark’s music features in the soundtrack to the recent Sci-fi spectacular commercial from Thinkbox, entitled ‘The Broadcast’. The ad went live over the Christmas period and created an increasing sense of intrigue, mysteriously interrupting other commercials until culminating with the full 60 second version. The track, Gathering Clouds is from the Dramatic Openers album for Focus Music.
  • Adam and Mark’s music features in the highly entertaining and cinematic US launch commercial for the new Toyota Prius Prime, where human cynicism towards the progress of technology is made fun of. The track, 'Western Frontier’ was performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, produced for the Diner Music Library.

Dynamic music for the moving image

Since 1997, Adam Saunders and Mark Cousins have enjoyed a fruitful creative partnership writing music for worldwide television, film, radio and other media. Their music has been used in major Hollywood films - including 17 Again, and Bride Wars - and by leading brands including McDonalds, Strongbow, Stella Artois and Hershey.

Their work is tremendously varied - ranging from cutting-edge electronica to sumptuous orchestral scores and big band jazz. Whether they're working in front of a live 120-piece orchestra and choir, or in a completely electronic production environment, Adam and Mark produce music with consistently high production values and musicality.

See Adam and Mark's music in action!

Here's a clip from a recent session in Bulgaria, recording Playful Magic for Sonoton's Trailer Tracks series. Take a look at our Video page to see more examples.