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Mary Berry's Quick Cooking Theme Music

March 29 2019

Adam and Mark have provided the title music for the great new BBC2 series, 'Mary Berry’s Quick Cooking'. The track, 'Giving It All' was performed by the Bulgarian Film Orchestra, as part of their 'Stories With Strings' series of albums for Sonoton.

Stan and Ollie Film

January 9 2019

Adam and Mark have provided the music for much of the advertising for the forthcoming and much-anticipated ‘Stan and Ollie’ film, starring Steve Coogan and John C Riley. The track, ‘The Roaring Twenties’, was recorded at London’s Abbey Road Studios, for EMI Production Music.

The Apprentice 2018

December 25 2018

Adam and Mark are delighted to have had another bumper year of music used in ‘the Apprentice’. Around 15 different cues were used in the 2018 series.

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America

June 14 2018

Adam and Mark have provided the music for the new McDonald’s Great Tastes of America commercial. Their track, Western Hero, from the Universal / Focus album Hollywood Trailers 3, is performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic.

Production Music Awards 2017

November 24 2017

Adam and Mark are delighted to have won the Award for Best Score at the 2017 Production Music Awards. The track, Mermaid Stories, is from their recent album, Wonderful Adventures, for Focus Music, performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Thinkbox Commercial

January 1 2017

Adam and Mark’s music features in the soundtrack to the recent Sci-fi spectacular commercial from Thinkbox, entitled ‘The Broadcast’. The ad went live over the Christmas period and created an increasing sense of intrigue, mysteriously interrupting other commercials until culminating with the full 60 second version. The track, Gathering Clouds is from the Dramatic Openers album for Focus Music.

Toyota Prius Prime Launch

December 20 2016

Adam and Mark’s music features in the highly entertaining and cinematic US launch commercial for the new Toyota Prius Prime, where human cynicism towards the progress of technology is made fun of. The track, 'Western Frontier’ was performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, produced for the Diner Music Library.

A United Kingdom Trailer

September 16 2016

Adam and Mark’s Heroes Theme has been used as the opener to the trailer for the forthcoming film, A United Kingdom. The true story focuses on the international stir caused when Prince Seretse Khama of Botswana marries Englishwoman Ruth Williams. Starring Rosamund Pike and David Oyelowo, it is the opening film of the 2016 London Film Festival and is on general release in cinemas on October 5th.

Disney Junior New Season Promos

September 15 2016

Adam and Mark’s track Magical World from Focus Music’s Hollywood Trailers 3 album and performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic has been chosen by Disney Junior to launch the new series of Tinkerbell, starting this September.

Winners at International Music + Sound Awards 2016

July 15 2016

Adam and Mark are delighted to have won the International Music and Sound Award 2016 for best use of production music: online, viral and ambient advertising for their Mulberry Miracle of Mulberry commercial. Special thanks to everyone at Focus Music and adam&eveDBB!

Plusnet Commercial

July 14 2016

Adam and Mark’s track Fate of Our Nation from their Heroes and Legends album for Sonoton is used as the soundtrack to Plusnet’s new very funny commercial, proving that they couldn't be more helpful!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Out of the Shadows

June 1 2016

Adam and Mark's music features in the soundtrack to the latest instalment of the hugely popular series of films from Paramount. This time, the turtles face a new challenge when Shredder escapes from custody and joins forces with Baxter Stockman, a mad scientist who plans to use a serum to take over the world.

Music + Sound Awards 2016

February 5 2016

Adam and Mark are pleased to announce that they’ve been nominated as a finalists for the Music + Sound Awards 2016. Following hot on the heels of their Library Music Awards nomination, their soundtrack for the Mulberry Miracle Ad, has been shortlisted for the Best Use Of Production Music - Online Advertising category.

Mulberry Christmas Ad

December 1 2015

Adam and Mark have just written the music for Mulberry’s new, and very funny, Christmas commercial. One Christmas Eve, a girl receives a Mulberry bag which causes some unexpected 'visitors' to drop by. The soundtrack is a specially-written adaptation of Spirit Sanctus, from their Epic Voices album for Focus Music.

Library Music Awards 2015

October 20 2015

For the second year running, Adam and Mark have been nominated for the Library Music Awards. Following on from Hero’s Theme in 2014, Gothic Journey has been nominated in the ‘Best Score’ category of the 2015 Library Music Awards. This track features an epic 32-piece choir and was recorded for Focus Music’s Epic Voices album, released earlier this year.

Compare the Market Commercial

April 3 2015

Adam and Mark have written a Hollywood Blockbuster-inspired score for the new Meerkat Movies commercial from Compare the Market, overseen by music agency The advertising campaign is the biggest ever ticket promotion in UK cinema history and features Arnold Schwarzanegger along with the loveable meerkats Aleksandr and Sergei Orlov.

Film on 4 Specsavers Promos

December 1 2014

Adam and Mark are delighted to have provided the soundtrack to the latest in the popular Specsavers 'Film on 4' promotional idents, which broadcast across Channel 4, Film 4, More 4 and E4. The great Jane Austin-style films (with a comical twist) feature a suitably sweeping orchestral theme, A Queen in Waiting from the Hollywood Trailers 2 album, released by Focus Music and performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Library Music Awards

October 10 2014

Adam and Mark’s track, Hero’s Theme has been nominated for Best Trailer Library Track 2014, as part of this year’s Library Music Awards. Launching for the first time this year, the Library Music Awards are championing the best writers in the production music business, so it’s a real honour to be shortlisted!

Tide ‘Dirty Little Habit’ Commercial

July 25 2014

Adam and Mark have written the music for Tide’s new commercial, currently being aired across the USA. It’s a fun spot, featuring a guilt-ridden nun who had no idea that her washing machine was so dirty. Produced by Saatchi and Saatchi New York, with the soundtrack produced by The Lodge.

Go Compare Commercial

June 5 2014

Adam and Mark’s music introduces the latest TV commercial for Go Compare. The track, Land of Dreams, recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic, (from Focus Music’s Hollywood Trailers 3 album) takes us to a land where getting the right deal is made easier by an innovative pair of magical sunglasses!

Sky Commercial

October 2 2013

The new commercial for Sky broadband features a lightly magical and playful score, using Adam and Mark's 'Enchanted Journey' from Hollywood Trailers 3, released by Focus Music and performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic.

Disney Promo

July 24 2013

Adam and Mark's music is being used to launch the new series of Mickey Mouse shorts on the Disney Channel. The promo for the re-launch of Mickey (in animation true to his original 1920's design by Walt Disney) features 'Hidden Kingdom', from the Hollywood Trailers 3 album from Focus music, performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Lichtenstein Exhibition

April 23 2013

Several jazz and Big Band tracks by Adam & Mark feature on an App for the Tate Modern 'Lichtenstein: A Retrospective' exhibition currently running at the museum. The music accompanying the striking artwork is receiving a great deal of public interest.

Taco Bell 3D Commercial

February 15 2013

Adam and Mark have just written a blockbuster-style score for the new 3D Taco Bell commercial, for New York and Los Angeles-based agency The Lodge. This will be shown in cinemas across the USA before each and every screening of Iron Man 3 and Oz: The Great and Powerful. Watch out for exploding Doritos!

The Tower Trailer

January 23 2013

Adam and Mark's music features in the trailer to the new blockbuster Korean disaster film, The Tower. On its cinema release on December 25, the film drew 431,759 admissions, the second highest opening day ticket sales in the history of Korean cinema. By January 22, 2013, it became the first Korean film in 2013 to reach the five million mark!

Rise of the Guardians Video Game Trailer

January 3 2013

The worldwide trailer for Dreamworks' new Rise of the Guardians Video Game has been scored entirely with Adam and Mark's music. The track, Legendary Swordsmen, is from the Sonoton Trailer Tracks Series and is performed by the Bulgarian Film Orchestra. Look out for it in cinemas and on TV!

Coca Cola Commercial

October 10 2012

Coca Cola’s latest South American commercial has been scored with Adam and Mark’s Mortal Gladiator, as featured on Focus Music’s Hollywood Trailers (Epic Action) album. The third CD for the Hollywood Trailers series (again recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic) is now in post-production, so it’s great to see tracks from the first edition still doing so well!

Samsung Galaxy Note Commercial

September 1 2012

A new commercial for Samsung’s Galaxy Note Touchnote App features Adam and Mark’s ‘Happy Clappy’ from Focus Music’s Indie Film album. The bright-and-breezy ad is being aired in Hong Kong, and is another prominent use of Happy Clappy having already featured on a SNCF ad in France.

Latest Apprentice Usages

June 10 2012

It’s been another bumper year of Apprentice usages, with Mark and Adam’s music featuring in several episodes from the new 2012 series. A total of 13 different cues were used: including 4 tracks from Sonoton’s recent STT Trailers CD, and classics like Mister Dopey, Hidden Secrets and Mexican Wave from Focus Music’s Comedy Capers.

Sky Sports Promo for new F1 Channel

November 30 2011

Sky Sports have produced a series of teasers to promote their forthcoming F1 channel, all scored with Adam and Mark’s ‘Scientific Pulse’ from Universal / Atmosphere Music’s Drones 2 album. The new channel starts in February 2012, so the teasers should feature prominently until then.

Liptons Ice Tea Commercial

November 7 2011

The new worldwide commercial for Liptons Ice Tea, starring Hugh Jackman, features music composed by Adam and Mark from their recent album for Focus Music, Hollywood Trailers 2, recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic. The music beautifully bookends the advertisement, with the sweeping strings providing a suitable epic lift for the sepia-tinged footage.

Friends with Kids Soundtrack

September 1 2011

Adam and Mark's music features in the soundtrack to a brand new ensemble comedy from Lionsgate Films, Friends With Kids, reuniting the cast of the hit movie Bridesmaids. The story is about a close-knit circle of friends at that moment in life when children arrive and everything changes...

Channel 4 Drama Idents

August 1 2011

Channel 4 have recently commissioned three new idents for their upcoming season of drama programmes sponsored by BT Vision, all of which feature music composed by Adam and Mark. From now until the end of the year every drama programme on Channel 4, E4 and More 4 will feature these “mini-drama” scenes book-ending every commercial break!

A Taste of Sugar

July 28 2011

This year’s Apprentice has seen a bumper crop of usages for Adam and Mark’s music, with a total of six different cues appearing at various points throughout the season. The choice of music has also been surprisingly varied - using everything from 1940’s-style Big Band tunes, to spooky Theremin and full-on orchestral cues.

New Bulgaria Sessions

July 25 2011

Mark and Adam have just returned from Bulgaria recording a new project for the Sonoton Trailer Tracks series. The sessions took place over four days at the Bulgarian National Radio Studios in Sofia, featuring over 90 players from the Bulgarian Film Orchestra, and the Sofia Metropolitan Golden Voices choir. Gregor Narholz conducted the sessions, with David Santiago, Andreas von Gagern and Nikolo Kotzev handling the recording.

Stella Artois Cannes 2011 commercial

June 7 2011

A new 16-minute Stella Artois commercial, commissioned to tie-in with the brand’s sponsorship of the 2011 Cannes film festival, features music by Adam and Mark. The ad, called ‘The Death and Life of Jacques D'Azur’, uses the track ‘Adversity’ from their recent Hollywood Trailers 2 CD released by Focus Music. First aired on Film 4, it’s one of the longest ads ever shown on UK television, with Mark and Adam’s lush orchestral score enriching the first two minutes of the film!

The Yellow Sea - Trailer Music

February 1 2011

The trailer for the recent Fox International/Korean smash hit film, Yellow Sea, was scored completely with Adam and Mark’s music from their Hollywood Trailers album for Focus Music, and licensed via Universal. Yellow Sea, Na Hong-jin’s much-anticipated thriller starring the male duo of Ha Jeong-woo (Takeoff) and Kim Yun-seok (Tazza The High Rollers), topped the holiday season cinema box office in Korea.

McDonald’s commercial

January 20 2011

The first taste of our recent sessions in Prague has hit the airwaves! McDonald’s latest ad – Chicken Grillstar, ‘The Chicken Lover’ - features a romantic-sounding cue from our forthcoming ‘Cinematic Emotions’ CD. The CD’s still in the final stages of production, but that didn’t stop the ad agency, Leo Burnett, getting their hands on some freshly-composed music!

I Love You Phillip Morris

December 20 2010

Jim Carey’s latest film – I Love you Phillip Morris – features original music from Adam and Mark as part of its soundtrack. The off-beat comedy-drama film also co-stars Ewan McGregor, and is based on the real-life story of con artist, impostor, and multiple prison escapee Steven Jay.

Hershey Christmas

November 4 2010

Adam and Mark have just returned from Prague, recording a full orchestral score for Hershey’s latest Christmas TV ad. The commercial features a festive version of Jingle Bells, and is part of Hershey’s ongoing campaign for their popular Kisses brand. This was followed the next day with several sessions recording a new CD for Focus Music – stay tuned for more information!

Fairy Power Spray commercial

May 17 2010

The latest commercial for Fairy Power Spray features music by Adam and Mark. The track is called ‘Morning Echos’, and demonstrates the fun that can be had with an acoustic piano, a Fender Rhodes, and a Roland RE-201 Space Echo!

Jam at BAFTA

November 19 2009

Adam and Mark have written the score for the British short comedy film, Jam, with a star-studded cast including Stephen Fry, Lynda Bellingham, Frank Skinner, Patricia Hodge, and Annette Badland. The premiere was at BAFTA in London’s West End, and is an initial promo film for the forthcoming feature, Clovis Dardentor, which Adam and Mark have also been asked to write the score for…

Amelia soundtrack

August 10 2009

Adam and Mark’s music is featured in the soundtrack of the forthcoming major Hollywood film, Amelia, starring Hilary Swank, Richard Gere and Ewan McGregor, for Fox Searchlight Pictures. The movie included music from their album Piano Portraits, released by Focus Music Library / 5 Alarm Music.

Churchill commercial

July 6 2009

Adam and Mark have written the music for the latest Churchill Insurance TV commercial – West End Musical. The ad features the ever-popular Churchill boxer dog travelling to London’s West End for an audition arranged by his agent. However, when he gets to the theatre, things don’t go quite as planned!

Strongbow commercial

May 26 2009

The brand new TV and radio campaign for Strongbow Cider features an epic cue written by Adam and Mark. The track, Mortal Gladiator, is from their album, Hollywood Trailers, for Focus Music. The great film, made by ad agency St Lukes, is a spoof of a Gladiator/Lord of the Rings scenario, where humble working men become warriors for the sake of their first pint after a hard day. We know the feeling!

17 Again soundtrack

March 3 2009

Adam and Mark’s music is featured in another major Hollywood film, 17 Again, starring Zac Effron and Matthew Perry, for New Line Cinema. The movie includes Hat and Cane, released by Focus Music Library and licensed for the movie by 5 Alarm Music.

Bride Wars Soundtrack

January 5 2009

Adam and Mark’s music is featured in the major Hollywood film, Bride Wars, starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, for 20th Century Fox.

While She Was Out

September 3 2008

Adam and Mark's music features in the soundtrack to the new Kim Basinger film, While She Was Out, released by Anchor Bay Entertainment / Optimum Releasing / Studio Canal. This is a cautionary tale of what can happen when parking spaces are hard to find, and tempers start flaring...!

Starting out in the evening

November 10 2007

Adam and Mark’s music is featured in the Hollywood film, Starting Out in the Evening, starring Lili Taylor and Frank Langella, for Lionsgate Films. The movie soundtrack includes Baby Blues, a track from their album Essential Jazz, released by Focus Music Library and licensed for the movie by 5 Alarm Music.