Audio Examples

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On this page you'll find examples of the range of music Mark and Adam have composed. If you're interested in commissioning a piece of original music, or want hear more in a particular style, please do not hesitate to contact us. Where indicated, the tracks are also available for immediate use with the respective record companies.

STYLE: Spectacular, Grand Orchestral Opener
TITLE: The Fairytale Begins
DESCRIPTION: Epic Hollywood Orchestra
AVAILABLE ON: Family Entertainment: Magical Adventures - Sonoton STT019
STYLE: Epic Action
TITLE: Heroes and Villains
DESCRIPTION: Heroic adventure with foreboding overtones
AVAILABLE ON: Epic Choral 1 - Bruton BR444
STYLE: Contemporary Dark Drama
TITLE: The Cypher
DESCRIPTION: Fragile piano leads to morbid beats
STYLE: Piano and Sound Design
TITLE: Morning Sun
DESCRIPTION: Simple piano chords with ambient pulsing
AVAILABLE ON: Cinematic Piano - Focus FCD309
STYLE: Gritty, Urban Dubstep
TITLE: Disaffected Youth
DESCRIPTION: Dark, violent, urban, contemporary dubstep
AVAILABLE ON: Documentary: Crime - Focus FCD286
STYLE: Light and Quirky
TITLE: Mischievous Robots (Underscore)
DESCRIPTION: Light, playful and mischievous. Featuring solo woodwinds and pizzicato strings with a Latin feel
AVAILABLE ON: Family Entertainment: Magical Adentures - Sonoton STT019
STYLE: Epic Tragedy
TITLE: Hero's Requiem
DESCRIPTION: Sombre and tragic choir and orchestra
AVAILABLE ON: Dark Heroes - Sonoton STT020
STYLE: Contemporary Kitsch Comedy
TITLE: Planet Kitsch
DESCRIPTION: Kitsch, quirky groove
AVAILABLE ON: Comedy Capers - Focus FCD260
STYLE: Period Drama
TITLE: Casanova
DESCRIPTION: Exhilarating, light-hearted jovial and mischievous drama. Early Classical Style.
AVAILABLE ON: Drama 4: Classic Period Drama - Sonoton STT 024
STYLE: Electronica
TITLE: Future Communication
DESCRIPTION: Floating and positive ambience. A brighter future
AVAILABLE ON: The Business - Bruton BR461
STYLE: Retro Big Band
TITLE: Squadron's Sweetheart
DESCRIPTION: 1940s-style wartime romance
AVAILABLE ON: Focus on the 1930s and 1940s - Focus FCD237
STYLE: Swashbuckling Orchestral Action
TITLE: Legendary Swordsmen
DESCRIPTION: Emotional, cinematic opening builds to swashbuckling, action-packed finale
AVAILABLE ON: Drama 4: Classic Period Drama - Sonoton STT 024
STYLE: Contemporary Action
TITLE: Secret Service
DESCRIPTION: A dark beginning leads to frenetic action with strings and beats
AVAILABLE ON: Adventures in Heroism - Bruton BR459
STYLE: Piano/Positive
TITLE: Summer Plains
DESCRIPTION: Simple, heartfelt human story
AVAILABLE ON: Piano Portraits - Focus FCD221
TITLE: Millionaire's Row
DESCRIPTION: Bright, brash and confident - casino sax with a splash of class!
AVAILABLE ON: Essential Jazz - Focus FCD207
STYLE: Electronica
TITLE: Scientific Pulse
DESCRIPTION: Electronic pulses subtly build, with sustained strings
AVAILABLE ON: Drones 2 - Atmosphere ATMOS284
STYLE: Contemporary Film Drama
TITLE: Quiet Conflict
DESCRIPTION: Smouldering low strings with haunting piano and flickering electronics
AVAILABLE ON: The Movie Soundtrack 3 - Atmosphere ATMOS296
STYLE: Romantic Orchestral
TITLE: The Lovelorn Princess
DESCRIPTION: Romantic, tender passionate orchestral melody
AVAILABLE ON: Fantasy and Adventure - Chappell CHAP272
STYLE: Uplifting
TITLE: People's Champion
DESCRIPTION: Humble and sincere, for those that work tirelessly
AVAILABLE ON: Adventures in Heroism - Bruton BR459
STYLE: Tragedy
TITLE: Darkness and Loss (Underscore)
DESCRIPTION: Sad, mellow and desolate strings
AVAILABLE ON: Hollywood Trailers 2: Emotion - Focus FCD268
STYLE: Sound Design
TITLE: Ultimate Performance
DESCRIPTION: Strange pulsing and effects. Big beats join later on...
AVAILABLE ON: Dynamic Underscores Chappell - CHAP324
STYLE: Percussion Underscore
TITLE: Spiralling Fear
DESCRIPTION: Gamelan-led percussion builds to a dramatic climax
AVAILABLE ON: Trailer Addict 1 - Bruton BR453
STYLE: Epic Action
TITLE: Mortal Gladiator
DESCRIPTION: A warrior's theme
AVAILABLE ON: Hollywood Trailers - Focus FCD227
STYLE: Vintage Comedy
TITLE: Another Fine Mess
DESCRIPTION: Slapstick, vintage film capers
AVAILABLE ON: Comedy Capers - Focus FCD260
STYLE: Gritty Urban Drama
DESCRIPTION: Percussive, Tense, building, dramatic
AVAILABLE ON: Documentary: Crime - Focus FCD286
STYLE: Horror / Suspense
TITLE: Alone in the Dark
DESCRIPTION: Mysterious orchestral tale with building, unsettling sound design.
AVAILABLE ON: Fright Fest - Atmosphere ATMOS 286